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What is it about?

We will apply a simple & manageable process, challenging common fitness myths along the way.

“When a fitness regime stops working people commonly come to the conclusion that they aren’t working hard enough or doing enough. So they take on more.”

  • Added cardio.
  • Cutting out food groups.
  • Eating at specific times. 
  • More & more complication.

In this challenge we stick to the key elements that are proven to work and to drop the rest!

How does it work?


5 min daily videos to watch.


Learn the small elements that drive towards a better physique.


A daily task to complete.


Short, efficient workouts.


Learn what bloated parts of fitness lore can be thrown out.

Time management

Learn my #1 time management technique to free up time to focus on health.


Learn a reliable nutritional system that supports your goal.


Tackle motivation and learn why it’s unreliable.

Who is Efficacy Fitness anyway?

Hey, I’m Peter. I’ve been interested in exercise and nutrition for as long as I can remember. I started out in the world of classic body building. Yeah, that really restrictive, not fun way of training which absorbs your entire life.

A corporate career change later in life found me struggling with the way I had been taught to approach fitness.

I had no time for:

  • A restrictive and complicated diet
  • Multiple long workout sessions every week
  • A social life! 

Through pain, mistakes and help, I found a way to stay in shape while simultaneously managing a job with long hours and have time for a social life. Whoop whoop!

I feel I was misled by the fitness industry to believe that getting in shape had to involve complicated nonsense.  I want to help as many people as possible avoid this pitfall!

If you’ve got tonnes of time to workout, you like spending hours upon hours in the gym and you want that to be your identity then I’m not the coach for you. For everyone else I’d love to share my methods with you.

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